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Provides information about a new luxury self-catering house on the Isle of Harris

Chapter Seven - Creating the Experience

Luxury Self- Catering Cottage Isle of Harris

Luxury Self-Catering Accommodation, Isle of Harris, Scotland. Beach view holiday home. 

Chapter Seven - Creating the Experience

Paul Honeywell

Right from the outset it was our objective to create an amazing experience.  We had to think in "layers of detail", starting with the overall layout of the house, then to construction detail, interior design and eventually to the experience itself.

The experience we, and our guests, will have also comes in layers.  First appreciating the stunning location, then seeing the house itself, then entering the door and having it unfold as you explore.  At every step we want more to reveal itself.  

The kitchen is a great example.  From the first sight of the beautiful layout, to the window overlooking the sea, and the sheer quality of the cooking utensils.  This kitchen will invite you to try new things, and everything you touch will feel beautiful.

The dining table is going to be a work of art - we won't give any clues here, except to say that you will never have seen anything like it and it really does reflect the Harris environment.

Retiring to bed will reveal silk-filled duvets, with oodles of warmth and coziness.  Real wool pillows (just try them!) complement the experience, to the point where you will have to decide whether to lie in of a morning or reluctantly leave your cocoon to head for the fresh bread and coffee before exploring the delights of Harris.

Bathrooms where the flooring reflects the seashore, with pebbles drifting under the doors.  The study where the waney-edge windowsill has grown to become the whole desk.  Throughout the house is a surround sound system where you can play your favourite music, across the whole house or in zones.  

Òran na Mara is going to be an experience, not just a place to stay!