Dog-friendly Accommodation on the Isle of Harris

Enjoy your holidays on the Isle of Harris with your best friend!

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Oran Na Mara – Dog-friendly Accommodation Isle of Harris

Dog friendly holidays mean that you can enjoy your time together with man’s best friend.

It’s only natural you want to bring your dog on holiday with you! However, it can be hard to find dog-friendly accommodation anywhere! The luxury beach cottage Oran Na Mara offers dog-friendly accommodation on the Isle of Harris, Outer Hebrides.

Bring your dog to the Isle of Harris, Outer Hebrides

It was many years before we had a dog of our own.  Poppy, a Norfolk Terrier, was born locally to us in Northamptonshire, and quickly became part of our family.

Poppy absolutely loved coming to the Isle of Harris.  She would run on the beaches with abandon, and would dig in the sand for hours.  She had a litter of pups, one of which – Flanders – had black and tan colouring and we kept him.  So the pair of them played for hours together and were the first dogs to Òran na Mara.

Sadly, Poppy and Flanders are playing on the beach in doggy heaven now, so our little Maltipoo – called Skye – enjoys her time on Harris just as much.  Our family loves dogs, so when we are together in Harris the dog crew can include Penny and Buttons, Harvey the mini dachshund, Marmite the black cocker spaniel, Cookie the miniature Pomeranian as well as Skye – a mad lot that enjoy every minute together.

The Isle of Harris is the place to bring your dog. The freedom, the beaches, and the all round fun that you can have is heaven for them.

You do need to be aware of sheep of course – Harris Tweed comes from island sheep, and there are lots of them.  So always keep your furry pal on a lead when anywhere near the wooly creatures.

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Dog Friendly Accommodation Isle of Harris

Of course, as dog owners know, it can be hard to find dog-friendly accommodation, but not at Òran na Mara!   At Òran na Mara we are dog-friendly and welcome well-behaved four-legged friends – they have their own goodies!

Of course, we need to protect the house and its furnishing and fittings, so please don’t allow them in bedrooms or on the soft furnishings.

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We would love to see photos of your canine pals enjoying their dog friendly holiday – as it is their holiday as much as it is yours!
Photos by David Barbour