Harris Weather -Winter climate & temperatures (and where to find a forecast)

Learn about Harris Weather – especially the winter months to plan your winter holiday

Rosie Honeywell

Rosie Honeywell

Published on 8 Sep 2022

Winter Weather Harris, Outer Hebrides

Harris in winter is brilliant! Want to know why? You’ve got the island, the beaches, the countryside mostly to yourself! Imagine going for a beach walk and not seeing another soul. Harris in winter is for those who really want to switch off, get away from it all and sit back, relax, sit by the fire, finish a novel or two, take amazing photographs, enjoy the starry skies and be rewarded with the Northern Lights.

Let’s find out more about the Harris weather – particularly during the winter months.

Sunrise & Sunset on Harris

For people who love photography and enjoy star-gazing, this is just brilliant news! You can enjoy proper dark skies during the whole of winter and if you’re lucky, you can see the milky way and the Northern Lights just from the window at Oran Na Mara!

15th November

  • Sunrise: 8:13
  • Sunset: 16:10
  • Highest Temperature: 9° 
  • Lowest Temperature: 3°
  • Avg. rainy days: 19

15th December

  • Sunrise: 9:06
  • Sunset: 15:38
  • Highest Temperature: 7° 
  • Lowest Temperature: 2°
  • Avg. rainy days: 19

15th January

  • Sunrise: 9:00
  • Sunset: 16:13
  • Highest Temperature: 7° 
  • Lowest Temperature: 2°
  • Avg. rainy days: 19

15th February

  • Sunrise: 7:59
  • Sunset: 17:25
  • Highest Temperature: 7° 
  • Lowest Temperature: 1°
  • Avg. rainy days: 15
Northern Lights Isle of Harris in Winter

The Northern Lights on the Isle of Harris in Winter.

Isle of Harris Night Photography Milky Way
winter photography isle of harris

Outer Hebrides in November

Tourist season is pretty much over in October, and – starting November – the islands is much quieter: very few motorhomes and camper vans and you only pass the odd local car on the roads. 

Winter rush hour on Harris means you only have to stop 3 or 4 times on a 20 miles stretch to let a car pass, whereas in summer you could be stopping at every other lay-by to let traffic pass – thus making the journey much slower in Summer and more relaxed and enjoyable in Winter.

Anywhere you go on Harris during the Winter months – you will only meet the odd person and their dog on the beach.

Harris in Winter is the perfect break from everything – traffic, civilisation, news, rush hour!

You might get to witness a few Winter storms which results in the most amazing waves on Scarista beach and the whole Harris coast line.

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Isle of Harris in November, Outer Hebrides

Isle of Harris in December

You will find the darkest nights on the Isle of Harris especially in December. Winter storms become more frequent and if you wrap up warm, you can enjoy the daily wave theatre the Atlantic ocean performs right in front of your eyes.

The change of light and dark during the day as the clouds chase the sky make for amazing photographs. You can easily get lost taking photos for hours and enjoy the vast and empty landscapes.

You can also venture along the Golden Road and observe the seals amongst the rocks.

Does it snow on the Isle of Harris?

Because of its location in the Atlantic Ocean, temperatures are usually milder and should it snow, it won’t stay long until it disappears again.

The snow can be visible on the tops of the North Harris hills and Caiphaval which can look impressive and make for great photos. 

If you want to escape the jingle bells everywhere else – Harris in Winter is the place to go!

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Winter Wildlife on the Isle of Harris
Harris in Winter Month by Month

Isle of Harris in January and February

January is the coldest month of the year, but the days are slowly getting longer. The kids are back to school and you will find January and February the quietest months on the Isle of Harris.

Spend a week in our luxury accommodation on Harris – bring your family and friends, enjoy long walks on the beach and evenings in front of the fire.

Explore the local landmarks without anyone else there, such as the Callanish Standing Stones on Lewis.

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Isle of Harris in January