Winter Holidays in Scotland

Cosy nights & long beach walks - Enjoy the Isle of Harris in Winter
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Winter Holidays in Scotland

Scotland in Winter is more than snow-covered mountains in the Highlands! Travel a little further and you can enjoy both – snowy mountains and beautiful beaches and have all the Scottish landscape to yourself!

If you are planning your winter holidays in Scotland, you should consider the Outer Hebrides as your perfect winter holiday destination.

The Isle of Harris is a place for those who love winter. As soon as we reach November Òran na Mara becomes a place full of warmth and cosiness. Hygge means being cosy and comfortable with friends and family during the winter months. It’s about enjoying the simple pleasures in life things like cosy fires, hot chocolate, mulled wine, yummy baked goods and that’s exactly the experience we are seeking to create for you…

Long beach walks in Winter

Winter holidays in Scotland

Hygge on Harris

We are excited to be the first and only place in the Outer Hebrides that provides a hygge experience for just four months of the year. To bring this tradition to life we will provide you with favourite things like winter treats, velvety hot chocolate, music from Spotify’s Chill list on our Sonos surround sound system, nights spent stargazing and days spent on wild windy walks. Experience hygge in the Outer Hebrides only at Òran na Mara.

Stunning starscapes & wild weather!

The winter months here in the Isle of Harris offer a breathtaking blend: stunning starry skies and sometimes wild weather. Nature is at its best during these long nights; you just need to go out looking for it! You might see the famous Northern Lights dancing across the sky, catch sight of a shooting star streaking past…

Hygge on Harris | Experience Hygge in Outer Hebrides
Hygge on Harris | Experience Hygge in Outer Hebrides

Why visit Òran na Mara in Hygge season?

The nightscapes

The nightscapes in Harris at this time of year are like nothing you’ve ever seen before. The stars blaze bright, and there’s something about being in a place with no light pollution that makes your heart feel at peace

The wild weather

A beautiful location to visit in the wintertime because you might experience some wild weather like nowhere else in the UK. The unpredictable climate on this island make it an exciting place to come and explore during the winter.

The unique experience

It’s a magical place where you can experience all that is beautiful about our planet and its diverse natural wonders in their most pristine state.

The cosiness

Òran na Mara offers the most serene and charming winter retreat. Come experience a warm, cosy feeling by our fireside as you curl up with your favourite book or enjoy quality time with friends over dinner.

Winter Photography in the Outer Hebrides

Amazing light and magical scenery...

Shrouded by fog and mist, its stark landscapes have been captured beautifully on film, with these windswept hills and vistas showcasing their natural beauty to a backdrop of sea-laced skies during sunrise or sunset; photographers are sure to find some wonderful opportunities for shots that will last them a lifetime!

The quality of light unique to the winter makes it perfect for keen photo enthusiasts who want shots with mood and depth. Take advantage of the incredible views offered up here: lonely beaches with dark mountains in the distance and clear atlantic waters.

Hygge on Harris | Experience Hygge in Outer Hebrides
Hygge on Harris | Experience Hygge in Outer Hebrides

The scenery is stunning, no matter what the weather. We were blessed to have had a sunny daytrip to the extraordinary St Kilda.

The sea-stacks were out of this world, and we saw puffins and gannets. We also spotted two golden eagles flying high to the west of the house that really made our holiday.

Wow, what a wonderful place. The wild and beautiful surroundings are perfection.

The perfect location for the perfect holiday with the best views in the world! What a week – wall to wall sunshine!

When we pulled back the curtains on the first morning, having arrived in the dark, the view was worth every single minute of the journey.

I thought I’d woken up in heaven each morning!  We had a fantastic time and fell in love with Harris.

Four winter months that are a gentle oasis of cosy goodness...


November is a perfect time to stay in the Isle of Harris because it’s when all the tourists are gone and you can enjoy some peace and tranquility…hygge style.


With its rolling hills and picturesque lochs scattered throughout, there’s no better place than here to celebrate Christmas!


The end-of-year hustle and bustle can be overwhelming, see the new year in with beautiful scenery that will leave you feeling truly refreshed.


The Isle of Harris has a warm and welcoming climate all year round, but it’s especially lovely around this time – with spectacular light and a great time for stargazers.

Hygge on Harris | Experience Hygge in Outer Hebrides
Hygge on Harris | Experience Hygge in Outer Hebrides

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